Honey Hacks: 5 ways to use honey in your daily beauty routine

Honey has been used for centuries by many different cultures for a range of purposes such as cosmetics, rituals and medicine. It has even recently been discovered that humans have been reeping the benefits of honey for as long as 9000 years, dating all the way back to the Stone Age.

We know from markings and texts that ancient Egyptians used honey for a multitude of purposes including as a sweetener, a gift for the gods and an ingredient in embalming fluid. Archaeologists dug up ancient tombs inside the pyramids and even found pots of honey inside. Amazingly the honey, which was 3,000 years old was still in perfectly edible condition when found.

The secret behind honey’s eternal shelf life is due to a range of factors. Hydrogen peroxide, acidity and lack of water work together to make this sticky substance last forever.

So how can honey be introduced to our daily beauty routine? Here are some top tips for how to use honey to enhance your life.

A spoonful of Manuka Honey a day keeps the doctor away.

Manuka honey, produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the whole world. It has a huge range of healing benefits and a spoonful a day can help fight infections such as colds or flus while helping digestion and digestive problems. It boosts the immune system and is packed full of vitamins making it perfect for helping clear skin and help hair and nails grow. The nutritional content is up to 4 times that of normal flower honeys which is why Manuka honey is the most expensive of all honeys.
It is best to have a spoonful every morning or you can put a spoonful in some hot water and drink it as a hot beverage.

Honey reduces the appearance of dark circles. 

If you mix equal parts honey with sweet almond oil you will make a moisturising under eye serum. When applied twice a week and left on for 20 minutes at a time this mixture helps to reduce dark circles and nourish the skin.

Honey removes razor lumps and bumps

Honey has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial qualities making it the perfect remedy for shaving rashes. Just cover your legs in raw honey and leave on until the rash calms. Hooray for honey covered legs!

Honey lightens and conditions hair

Honey has natural bleaching qualities which makes it an effective hair lightening. You could also use the below recipe to bleech facial hair as well.

Mix 1 tbsp raw honey with 6 tbsp distilled water and leave in hair for one hour before rinsing. Do this once a week for rapid results. It’s also been suggested that you can add 1tbsp cinnamon powder for more of a dramatic lift.

Honey heals chronic skin conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, acne psoriasis and Rosacia can be helped by applying honey to the affective area and leaving on for 20 minutes. I suggest mixing in pure vitamin E with the honey for super quick results.

Just cover your entire body in honey.

With its moisturising, anti aging, anti fungal, anti bacterial skin healing qualities, honey makes the perfect all over face and body moisturiser. Rich in antioxidants, honey keeps free radicals at bay keeping skin looking youthful and fresh. You can just apply raw honey on your skin and rinse off with warm water or mix equal parts honey and brown sugar together to make a luxurious body scrub. In my experience this works far better than a shop bought scrub and costs loads less. Make a large batch and store in a jar with an air tight lid.

Pooh bear would be proud.


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