Inspiration behind the Glitter Tears


While filming for Glam Squad TV I got the chance to work with rock band Running With Wolves on their debut music video which is due to be released in the next few weeks. We filmed at the NFTS studios in Beaconsfield and had quite a big space for hair and makeup which was amazing because I’m usually confined to small spaces on set! The whole process was filmed for the pilot episode of Glam Squad TV and I worked with hair stylist Liam Dawson and wardrobe stylist Jai Lescieur.



I had the pleasure of working closely with the bands lead singer, Holly Louise Barber and I designed two makeup looks for the video. I went with a classic editorial black smoky eye for the first look with a nude lip, pictured below.


The second look had to be inspired by the Mexican Day of The Dead and I wanted to create something that was completely unexpected yet still mimicked a day of the dead style with a glamorous rock vibe influence.

I was thinking about the typical old school rock chick, how you would always see black eyeshadow and mascara smudged all around the eyes. We’ve seen countless images over the years of famous rock bands falling out of bars and pubs looking very worse for ware, mascara and black eyeshadow running down their faces.

I then began to visualise some classic Mexican day of the dead looks, crystal and rose encrusted head pieces with diamanté facial embellishments. Following on from my previous thoughts about runny mascara it occurred to me how cool it would look if I could design something for Holly that looked as though she was crying tears of gemstones. I knew there were going to be a lot of lights and I liked the idea of having something twinkling, something that made a statement.

I knew it would be a complete headache to attempt applying the gemstones onto her skin one by one and with time restrictions it just wouldn’t work. Thats when I decided to have a go at making some gem stone tear embellishments.

It was really weird because I thought that somebody must have done this already and I googled and Pinterested and Instagrammed but to no avail. I had no idea where to begin as I had never done anything like this before. I called upon my talented creative friend June Waller for advice as she makes gorgeous gemstone face embellishments. I learned from her that fabric glue is latex based and using a plastic wallet I could map out a design and then drop the gem stones on to it. So I went and purchased some glitter fabric glue and I began to make some gem stone tears. My first attempt came out more like clown shapes rather than tears pictured below.


Excuse the poor camera quality. But as you can see the formation really didn’t look much like tears. Would definitely be cool for halloween though.

So I tried again a second time and managed to produce a set of very convincing gem stone glitter tears pictured below.


I cut off the excess glue that you can see and I trimmed them to perfection for the video.


They worked really well for the music video and were super impactful especially with the lighting. It was a subtle nod towards the day of the dead theme without overdoing it and doing a predictable face paint.

Holly was really pleased with them and they definitely got a lot of people on set talking! I’ve since had quite a bit of interest in them and I’ve now started making these on request and I hope to start selling them soon! If you want a custom design then please email me at and I will happily design you a set in whatever colours you choose.

You can watch the trailer for Glam Squad TV here where you’ll see some snippets of the glitter tears in action!

The music video should be out at the end of February and I’ll be posting a link up on my social media channels for everyone to have a look. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook for updates!



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